Upgrade your English & Email Communication webinars

Upgrade your English & Email Communication webinars

Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English

Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English

My new webinar series for autumn has just launched!

The summer webinars were fully booked with a waitlist, so do make sure to book your seat, if you are looking for ideas & tips to step change your professional English language agility.


How to Upgrade your Professional English, Tuesday 15th June, 12pm London time 

If you want to upgrade your business English language skills to take yourself to the next level, then join my free 1-hr online webinar 15th September 12-1pm London time.



Communicating well in Emails, Thursday 24th September, 6pm London time

Yes, it’s easy to dash off a quick whatsapp or messenger but when it really matters, do you know how to write clear, effective emails which express well what you want to say & are understood well?

50% of emails are misunderstood so let’s look at how you can make sure people understand what you’re saying 100% of the time.

Join me for this free online talk for Focus, the Network for International People, Thursday 24th September 6-7pm.



Don’t miss out on these webinars, reserve your seat now to join me!

Victoria Rennoldson, Founder of Perfect Cuppa English


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