Tea tips from the professionals, Twinings

Tea tips from the professionals, Twinings

Perfect Cuppa English at Twinings 216 StrandLast month was National Tea Day, and I celebrated by finding out more about my favourite drink at the oldest British tea house, Twinings. This fascinating shop, museum and tasting school is really worth a visit at 216 Strand. Find out my top 5 interesting tea facts. Cheers!







  1. The Queen has her own secret blend of tea! Nobody knows what it is as it’s blended in 2 separate batches by 2 master blenders.
  2. Earl Grey tea is named after a real person, and there is a current 7th Earl Grey.
  3. “Okayti” is a type of tea named because the local people who picked the tea used to send each harvest to the King or Queen of England to approve and to check whether the “tea was OK”. http://www.twinings.co.uk/tea/loose_tea/okayti-white-darjeeling
  4. Tea is also grown in Scotland and Cornwall! https://tregothnan.co.uk/tea-herbal-infusions/ , http://weeteacompany.com/index.php/scottish-tea.html
  5. The British tradition was to put milk in 1st to cool the cup before pouring in hot tea, at a time when cheap British cups would crack with the heat. These days I’d recommend milk 2nd, so you can choose the right colour for your tea.

Finally, the favourite tea I tasted at Twinings tea school: I’m quite a fan of white tea, but very much enjoyed the Queen’s special 90th birthday blend!

Perfect Cuppa English tastes Twinings                     Perfect Cuppa English at National Tea Day Twinings

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