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NEW: English Communication Evaluation

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Want bespoke feedback & actions to improve your English communication skills?

Book an English Communication Evaluation.

Get an accurate read of your current level of English communication skills with a 1-hr online evaluation with Victoria Rennoldson & afterwards a written appraisal with your recommendations & actions. 

Receive clear & comprehensive feedback about the specific linguistic areas you’re concerned about, whether that’s speaking confidence, range of vocabulary, pronunciation, writing or grammar. 

Click the image to learn more & book your English Communication Evaluation.

English Language Audit

English Communication Evaluation

Boost your English Communication skills for your career in a new, flexible learning model? An Online English Subscription is for you.

Book your subscription & receive English support on tap when you need it with 1-hr power sessions with Victoria Rennoldson.

Let’s work on your specific challenges & you will receive clear, comprehensive feedback on how to improve your English communication in your personal business situations.

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Victoria Rennoldson of Perfect Cuppa English working with a client

Online English Subscription

Looking for something else?

Set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs & let’s put together a bespoke English language, communication or culture training solution for you.

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