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Presentation English

Presenting professionally & confidently can be a challenge for some people, but performing in this business-critical skill in English as your 2nd language may need focus & development, so that you can persuade & influence with impact.

You want to land your key messages effectively in professional English, connect with your audience, and handle those challenging questions & situations, whether you are presenting virtually or standing up in front of an audience. 

We explore the top professional English phrases for each key stage of the presentation, language to open & close impactfully, English communication skills for creating a great impression, and phrases to express yourself clearly when experiencing challenges.

I offer English coaching for individual clients & corporate teams, via your preferred online platform.

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to start boosting your Presentation English. 

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  • Persuade & influence with impact in English
  • Communicate your key messages effectively in professional English
  • Connect with your audience
  • Handle challenging questions & situations 

Client Reviews

Victoria helped me to improve my English speaking confidence while presenting. She is very professional and focuses on supporting you with what you need. I highly recommend her services. 

Anna, Poland

I enjoyed my English coaching programme with Victoria. She helped me feel more comfortable to speak up in presentations, share confidently my ideas and better understand British culture. She is very professional and adapted very quickly to new queries.

Iva, Albania

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