Supporting you to present in English naturally, professionally & clearly.

Presentation English Masterclass

  • Are you a naturally confident person, but it doesn’t come across in English?
  • Is presenting in English challenging & makes you feel exposed?
  • Do you feel limited by your English in delivering fully & professionally?

Now is the time to focus on you to learn how to…..

  • connect & successfully influence in English your audience
  • be relaxed & expressive in English
  • Do you feel limited by your English in delivering fully & professionally?
Perfect Cuppa Presentation English


  • Presenting professionally is a critical to your business success.
  • The right English phrases can create a positive impression & connection with your audience.
  • You want to sound confident, natural & relaxed.
  • It's essential for you to have the language tools to manage tricky situations & questions during presentations.

Ready to learn how to make the difference to your presentations?

Presentation English Online Masterclass

  • Opening impactfully: key phrases
  • Signposting your presentation in English
  • Language for emphasis & impact
  • Responding to questions professionally
  • English phrases for managing challenging situations
  • Receive feedback on your Presentation English

Led by Victoria Rennoldson, expert in English communication

Join me for 90-min live masterclass

18th March 2021

13.00 -14.30 London time

(also available on replay)

  • Focused intensive learning in 90 mins
  • Small group learning- maximum 10 people on the live call
  • Real-life English phrases & language to sound natural & confident
  • Practical exercises during the live call that you can use immediately afterwards
  • Presentation & recording after the session
  • Workbook of strategies & further exercises
  • Replay available
  • Individual feedback after the masterclass on your Presentation English from your pre-recorded video.
Perfect Cuppa Presentation English masterclass

Presentation English Masterclass


  • 90-minute masterclass: live or replay.
  • Presentation & recording.
  • Workbook with further exercises & strategies.
  • Feedback on your Presentation English.

Why Victoria & Perfect Cuppa English?

I am passionate about supporting international professionals & teams to communicate confidently & naturally in English. This makes it easier for you to meet & connect with your English-speaking contacts & teams.

Before Perfect Cuppa English, I worked for 12 years in marketing for American & British businesses, where I had real-life experience of successfully presenting my strategies to exec boards, external customers & internal stakeholders.  I founded Perfect Cuppa English in 2015 because I felt there was an English communication gap for international professionals.

I now coach online individuals, teams & run small group workshops with people all over the world, and am an expert speaker & writer on English communication, language & British culture.

Perfect Cuppa English online courses
Victoria Rennoldson of Perfect Cuppa English working with a client

Here’s what people say about working with Victoria

"I recently had a session with Victoria who helped me prepare for media interviews. She had put a lot of thought into the session, had some great and challenging questions and gave me plenty of helpful feedback on how to improve visual communication, body language and how to handle difficult questions. Always with a smile, positive attitude and super professional. I’ll definitely be coming back for some further help with pitching to investors."
Svetlana, Bulgaria
"I have recently been following two very informative webinars organised by Victoria and her company Perfect Cuppa English, and I really got so much out of these two sessions. Victoria is a top expert in language and intercultural training and she delivers a wealth of precious information and applicable tips during these introductory webinars. I found myself wanting to know so much more about the English language and culture after these sessions. I would strongly recommend Victoria’s training and expertise to anyone who wishes to better understand the British cultural environment, thrive in their communication in English and add considerable value to their existing competence."
Valerie, French
"We at FOCUS have been working with Victoria for a few years already on different matters such as cross cultural training and language training. Victoria has a true sense of "Britishness" which provides our international audience the perfect feel and understanding of the UK life. She can engage with a full room thanks to her various skills. Victoria's workshops are fun and clever which makes them very attractive and always a huge success. Her growing organisation Perfect Cuppa has also been offering first class English classes to our FOCUS members."
Gael Panhelleux, Executive Director, FOCUS Info UK

After payment, you will receive confirmation, a receipt, instructions on how to join & share your presentation video recording with me for personal feedback after the masterclass.

This will be a live interactive group Zoom call of 90 minutes, scheduled 18th March 2021, 13-14.30 London time for a maximum of 10 participants, or available on replay. 

You will receive after the masterclass:

  • My presentation with links
  • The recording of the masterclass 
  • Workbook of strategies & further exercises
  • Feedback on your English from your presentation video recording.

Click here for full terms & conditions of booking.

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