Recommendations: Online courses & services

Recommendations: Online courses & services

We are all in a period of adjustment in this new world as we work out how life is now going to be now. Whether that’s coping with movement restrictions, potentially work being quieter than normal for some, and for others busier than ever, and potentially family at home as well to support with schooling & entertain with the upcoming holidays.

Many people are looking for new ideas at this time to support, learn & focus energy, and as one of my clients asked me about this, I thought I’d share a selection of online courses & services, which I thought might be of interest to you.


London Art Studies:

The world’s first online arts subscription platform, providing accessible and informative art lectures. Learn from some of the most respected names in art. One day for £5, one month for £8.99 or one year for £88.


Keren Beaumont Personal Styling: 

Online Style, Shape and Colour Consultations: Normally £195 for an in-person consultation, reduced to £100.00 online. Perfect for: Anyone who has too much in their wardrobe and wants to clear out. Anyone who struggles to choose clothing for themselves. Carried out via video call, we will cover your Personal Brand, Colour Analysis and your will learn the best cuts for your body shape. Following the call, you will receive by email a digital guide to your Style, Shape and Colour. You will receive by post a personalised mini book of colour swatches that can be kept in your handbag. You will have all the knowledge you need to edit your own wardrobe and make smarter shopping decisions in future.

Online Personal Shopping: Normally £140.00 per hour for in person Shopping, reduced to £50.00 per hour online. Perfect for: Anyone who’s wardrobe needs a refresh but doesn’t have the time (or desire) to do this for themselves. Following an online consultation, a list will be created of the items you need. Items will be sourced for you according to your Personal Style, Shape and Colour. You will receive via email a booklet of key wardrobe pieces selected specially for you with clickable links so that you can easily place orders online.


Essential Oils as Natural Solutions:

Now, more than ever before, is a really good time to take more ownership of our health and wellbeing. This workshop will give you the information you need to start using essential oils as tools to help you do that, both for yourself and for your family. These oils can be used as effective plant-based solutions to boost your immune response, support the body to heal from physical ailments as well as offering powerful emotional support whether it be for feelings of stress, anxiousness, low confidence and much more.

Suitable for everyone regardless of whether you are an experienced aromatherapist or are completely new to essential oils. Although these workshops are free, please make sure you still book your place in order to be sent the webinar link etc


The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources:

Get access to endless open content, educational resources for e-learning & virtual tours of art, culture, and history all around the globe.


Meditation Sound Bath Sessions

Online Sound Bath Sessions to Control Stress and Anxiety and relieve chronic pain. Child friendly sessions. There is an Online Recurrent Meditation Sound Bath Session every Monday or Thursday at 10 am. You can sign up to 1 session or more. During the session we will do several guided meditations, quiet our minds, sound healing meditations with instruments like Tibetan bowls and more. At the end of the session you will experience a sense of relaxation, calmness, energised and you will sleep deeply.


And finally, our private, personalised English language & British culture courses are still continuing fully online at the moment, if you’re currently learning, or looking to finally improve your English or insight into British culture. We offer a range of flexible options & times, whether you’re looking to improve for everyday or business. Get in touch for your free consultation.


Stay safe & well, Victoria

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