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Perfect Cuppa Online Meeting English course

If you are working with British teams, then you want to make a professional impression in meetings, whether they are online or face to face, & ensure that you are clearly understood & also comprehend the key messages. British people can sometimes be more indirect & unclear in their language, and so an insight into typical meeting approaches & communication styles are important to avoid misunderstandings. It is particularly important in online meetings, whatever your platform, especially if you are meeting with a large group of people. 

We work on improving your spoken & listening English skills, so that you can communicate confidently & effectively with your English-speaking contacts by looking at language structures, typical meeting culture & dealing with problems. We work in private training meetings online via your preferred platform.

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  • Communicate confidently & effectively 
  • Review language structures
  • Understand communication styles & meeting culture
  • Focus on common problems
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