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English Meeting Communication 

As an international professional with English as a 2nd language, you want to express yourself confidently & naturally in meetings, share your opinion professionally, as well as lead & participate in meetings actively. It is critical to your role performance in the short term, and can make the difference to your career growth in the future. 

British people can sometimes be indirect & unclear in their language, and so an insight into typical meeting approaches & communication styles are important to avoid miscommunications, particularly in online meetings. 

Our practical English coaching sessions will develop your English communication confidence & agility by focusing on the most important aspects of meetings, including mastering a variety of English structures to frame your views.

This means you are able to engage with your international team, whether you are based in an English-speaking country or working virtually together, making you more effective.

I offer English coaching for individual clients & corporate teams, via your preferred online platform.

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to start boosting your English communication confidence. 

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  • Communicate confidently, clearly & naturally 
  • Understand English communication styles & meeting culture
  • Structure your opinions clearly 

Client Reviews

Victoria is a very professional & engaging English coach. She always brings her positive vibe, energy & extensive knowledge in the field. So when you are struggling with connecting with English-speaking teams, making successful small-talk or improving your social English skills, she is the one who can definitely help. 

Merit, Estonia

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