Meet the Perfect Cuppa team: Introducing Marion

Meet the Perfect Cuppa team: Introducing Marion

Perfect Cuppa English trainer MarionContinuing the theme for World Teachers Day on 5th October 2018, I am introducing Marion to you, one of the English trainers in our small, select team working with me to deliver your English & Culture courses. This team is high-calibre, highly qualified & professional and we love it when you can see your progress & gain confidence in communicating in English.  Read Marion’s top tips for learning English & British culture here:


1.What is your top tip for clients to improve their English? 

In the ‘words’ of Shakespeare’s Hamlet ‘Words, words, words.’  I think that reading is one of the best ways of improving your English.  It’s both informative and enjoyable and gives you lots of exposure to a variety of vocabulary and contextualised grammar structures.  Added to this you can now get audio books so you can read, listen and improve your pronunciation.  It’s important to read something you are really interested in.  This can be a newspaper, a magazine specific to your area of interest or a novel.  With regards the latter, there is an excellent series of graded readers available now.  They are graded to your language level and cover a range of both fiction and non-fiction books.


2. What common challenge do you find people have with learning English and what do you recommend?

English pronunciation and informal, colloquial English.  In my many years of teaching I have found that clients love to learn ‘real’ English.  In order to become more familiar with conversational English, you need to get out and about and make English friends.  Don’t be afraid of taking risks – we learn through our mistakes.


3. What do you enjoy most when working with a client?

I love the social interaction and learning about different cultures.  It’s great to find common ground and discuss subjects we both feel passionate about and above all learn from each other.  I feel the ‘teacher’ often has so much to learn from their ‘pupils’  


4. Share an interesting insight into British culture.

Don’t always take what people say at face value.  The ‘Brits’ often have a quirky sense of humour and mean the exact opposite of what they say.  For example, ‘That’s really interesting’ can mean ‘That’s nonsense!’  You really need to listen to the speaker’s intonation or how they use their voice to indicate sincerity or insincerity.


5. Where do go for the perfect cuppa?

Betty’s Tearooms in Harrogate.  Closer to home, the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum and Masons in Piccadilly make a pretty good cuppa.



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