Meet the Perfect Cuppa team: Introducing Kate

Meet the Perfect Cuppa team: Introducing Kate

Perfect Cuppa English trainer: KateThe Perfect Cuppa English team have been expanding! This month for World Teachers Day on 5th October 2018, I am introducing Kate to you, one of the English trainers in our small, select team working with me to deliver your English & Culture courses. This team is high-calibre, highly qualified & professional and we love it when you can see your progress & gain confidence in communicating in English.  Read Kate’s top tips for learning English & British culture here:

  1. What is your top tip for clients to improve their English?

Practice as often as you can. It’s like going to the gym: going several times a week for a shorter session is better than 2 hours once a fortnight.


  1. What common challenge do you find people sometimes have with learning English, and what do you recommend?

There are so many different ways to express the same idea in English. People can also find it hard to get to grips with idioms. The best way to expand your vocabulary, apart from interacting with native speakers, is to read as much as you can. Mobile phones are so useful – you can read anywhere and e-books often include a dictionary.


  1. What do you enjoy most when working with a client?

Getting to know them and finding out about their jobs and lives. That way, when I see articles or films that might interest them, we can use them in the lessons. And I love when they use language we’ve covered in a previous lesson.


  1. Share with us an interesting insight into British Culture…

It’s small aspects of day to day life that are interesting. Think about biscuits: there are so many different types and everyone has their favourite. They are also essential in the workplace. This newspaper article sums it up…by the way, mine’s a Bourbon please.….html


  1. Where do you go for your perfect cuppa (perfect cup of tea)?  

That’s an easy one – The London Review of Books cake shop, just round the corner from the British Museum. The bookshop there is excellent too: often they stock books you wouldn’t see anywhere else.


Victoria Rennoldson, Founder of Perfect Cuppa English


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