Meet the Perfect Cuppa English® team: Introducing Huw

Meet the Perfect Cuppa English® team: Introducing Huw

Perfect Cuppa English® Trainer: Huw Pritchard

Perfect Cuppa English® Trainer: Huw Pritchard

Following on in the series, this month I am introducing Huw to you, one of the English trainers in our small, select team working with me to deliver your English & Culture courses. This team is high-calibre, highly qualified & professional and we love it when you can see your progress & gain confidence in communicating in English.  Read Huw’s top tips for learning English & British culture here:

1. What is your top tip for clients to improve their English?

Make use of all available learning options: formal instruction is essential, but then support it during the week by listening to podcasts, reading the news, watching TV and films with or without English subtitles and talking in English at every opportunity. As for podcasts I think I would start out with This American Life (advanced), the British Council and the BBC, especially BBC World Service, but really you need to find topics that interest you. 

2. What common challenge do you find people sometimes have with learning English, and what do you recommend?

Use of English verb tenses can be really confusing even for intermediate learners, so make a comparison between English and your language to understand the differences. This will help you to avoid using incorrect structures from your own native language.

3. What do you enjoy most when working with a client?

For me like any trainer, seeing really good progress is very rewarding, especially when that improvement can make such a difference in their careers.

4. Share with us an interesting insight into British Culture…

I really liked the report published at the end of last year which suggested that the British were really bad at making themselves understood in their own language.

As a nation, they use too many idiomatic expressions and too much jargon, which non-native English speakers do not always understand. For clients it’s important to understand informal English but I agree with the recommendation not to use it to excess.

5. Where do you go for your perfect cuppa (perfect cup of tea)?

I suggest avoiding the chains and visiting an independent café – they often sell great homemade cake too! Evelina’s near me in Muswell Hill is very popular.


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