Invest in your learning: taking a course in London

Invest in your learning: taking a course in London

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College is not just for kids. If you’re ready to go back to school, this city is a great place to learn, being full of museums, libraries and galleries to help with your research. From sociology and politics to mathematics and media, there are many places to study. Here’s a selection to start your search.



To apply for a course, you might need to fill out a form, attend an interview, and make sure you match the requirements needed. All colleges can help answer your questions, so get in touch by phone or email.



Campus – college buildings

Undergraduate – your first university degree, like a Bachelor* degree

Postgraduate – taken after a university degree, like a Masters

Masters  – above a Bachelor degree but below a PhD

PhD – meaning ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (but these days not always linked to philosophy)

*Bachelor is a term said to have come from medieval times, applied to poor young knights who were aspiring to be like better-trained knights. These days it also has the meaning of an unmarried man.




Location: Two campuses – Bloomsbury (central London) and Stratford (east London)

Course types: Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and many short courses

Requirements: Some of the courses do not have formal entry requirements, but even if they do, the college says it welcomes applicants without traditional entry qualifications. Places are offered based on college assessment of qualifications, knowledge and work experience.

Next open evening: Thu 22 Nov, 16:00-19:30



Location: Covent Garden

Course types: A wide range of courses, including one-day workshops and short courses

Requirements: As with most places, courses will require you to complete interviews, assessments or forms before you can enrol. Contact the college for more information.

Next open day: More information here –



Location: Campuses in Aldgate, Holloway and Moorgate (north and central London)

Course types: Undegraduate and post-graduate studies, plus an extensive short course list ranging from creative to technical.

Requirements: The college has a well-planned online requirement guide giving advice not just on course requirements, but life in London.

Next open day: Contact the college for details.



Location: Houghton Street (central London)

Course types: Many courses from undergraduate and graduate, to executive education and online courses.

Requirements: As with other colleges, prospective students can contact LSE to find out more about the requirements for each course.

Next open day: Mon 22 Oct, 14:55-16:00



Location: Gower Street (central London)

Courses: A wide array, plus short courses including professional development and executive education.

Requirements: Online information is carried out via country map search, after which detailed information is given for each requirement.

Next open day: Contact the college for details.



Location: Five campuses – Alexandra (north London), Kings Cross, Regents Park, Soho, Victoria

Course types: Courses for students aged 14 to adult, including English summer schools and bespoke training for employers.

Requirements: Welcoming students of all nationalities, the college can advise on the right course for you and the requirements needed.

Next open day: More information here –


Other places to consider

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