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Why Expat & Partners Support

We understand that the UK may not always be an easy relocation destination to settle in and feel at home, despite English being the native language. Even for expats whose native language is English or have worked in English-speaking environments previously, there can still be feelings of culture shock when coming to the UK, especially if the expectation was that there would be little difference.

For expats relocating through work, the reality of English spoken in everyday Business may be very different from the English they expect & sometimes hard to understand. For example, the business phrases used & what people really mean behind the words that they are saying. Depending on the sector & situation, the British can sometimes be quite indirect in their communication style!

For many expatriate spouses or spouses, who are looking to develop a meaningful life while here in the UK whether that’s social, education, volunteering or work-related, the language & culture barrier can often result in feelings of isolation, putting relationships of the family under strain.

Employers confirm that the number one reason for employees not accepting an international assignment in the 1st place is the potential disruption to the career of their relocating partner. Today’s mobile employees are no longer interested exclusively in the financial aspect of their international assignment package – they are extremely concerned about the fate of their partners while abroad, and the most common reason for a failed expat assignment (71% of corporations) is an unhappy and unintegrated partner in the host location.

Supporting the expat partner brings significant benefits for the company, including assignment acceptance & job performance. Language & intercultural training are the 2 top benefits that are offered by companies as part of the package for expat partners.

Information & Data Sources: 2018 Internations Expat Insider Survey, 2018 EY & NetExpat Relocating Partner Survey 

The Perfect Cuppa English solution

Perfect Cuppa English® helps expats and their partners to understand & communicate naturally in English, making it easier to meet & connect with people in everyday & work situations so that they can feel fully settled in, at home and able to enjoy life in the UK.

Everyday English

Great for expat partners, we can develop spoken & conversational English and a true understanding of British English, with the real meaning behind words & natural ways of expression. We focus on language goals through practical, real & contemporary English.

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Business English

We support expats to communicate naturally in English & feel more confident to engage with colleagues, customers or suppliers, making them more effective in their role. We also work with expat partners in learning about Business English language & culture, whether that’s for preparing to return to work, developing their career or applying for a new role.

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Insight into British Culture

We help expats & their partners get an insight into British culture & life, and understand British people better with this discussion course on current cultural topics & current affairs. Find out how British people generally behave in certain situations & so the most accepted way of doing things in the UK.

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Perfect Cuppa English’s unique approach

We are passionate about helping expat & their partners to understand the nuances of communicating inter-culturally & British English, making it easier to meet & connect with people of all nationalities, whether in everyday or work situations.

Most expats moving to London don’t only need English language, they also want to get to know the British people, culture & ways of doing things. The combination of British English language & culture learning is a unique part of all our courses, enabling our client learners to feel fully settled, build their network and pursue their objectives, whether it’s social, education or volunteering, returning to work they love or developing their English for the next stage of their career.

We really enjoy getting to know the individual, developing personalised courses for their needs & matching them to one of our select English language trainers, based on experience, common interest areas & personality. All our English language trainers are high-calibre, highly qualified & professional, and we love it when client learners can see their own progress & gain confidence in communicating in English.

All our courses focus on natural ways of expression in English, using real, everyday, practical language, helping partners to understand the real meaning behind words & behaviour, and how people generally behave in certain scenarios.

Our clients work & study in a broad range of corporate & education organisations:

Talan Consulting UK        www.lyceeinternational.london 



What Our Clients Say

Our English Language & British Culture courses are very popular & are highly rated. You can read what our clients think about Perfect Cuppa English® courses here. 

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Everyday English & British Culture Course

Victoria’s lessons are not just about English language…I have learned so much new things about British culture which was an eye-opener and enabled me to see this country and its people through new eyes. Victoria is such a committed teacher who is always well-prepared for the class, makes me feel at home with lovely smiles, happily and thoroughly answers any question, never forgets to email me after each lesson providing some more information related to the topic of the week.

Akie, Japan Expat Partner
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British Culture for Business course

I recently became a client of Perfect Cuppa English, as I felt it imperative to understand British Culture in more detail to serve my clients in effective and suitable ways that speaking the language only does not provide. I would very much like to recommend Perfect Cuppa English, as I have felt very much listened to, supported, and provided with exactly what I needed.

Constantina, Greece Expat
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Everyday English & British Culture course

I warmly recommend Perfect English Cuppa. My teacher, Marion, helped me to improve my knowledge in British language (and habits). It was a pleasure to spend time with her, challenging my skills with a demanding and thoughtful learning. All this experience helped me to feel myself at the best in my new life in London. I’m very grateful. Thank you to both of you Victoria and Marion.

Olivia, France Expat
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Business English course

Michael from Perfect Cuppa English is really helpful for me, we are not only studying English but also English culture and communication. That helps me feel more confident into my project and also with my interaction with English people on a daily basis. Michael also gave me advice and help me to rehearse some of my key presentations which allow me to be more efficient in terms of communication and language. I really appreciate the mix of theoretical and pragmatic approach.

Jeremy, France Expat
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Everyday English & British Culture Course

Victoria is an amazing teacher, very easy to communicate with. She has a vast knowledge of British Culture that can help you when you are just arrived in a country. Dedicated and friendly. Our classes are helping me a lot!

Camila, Brazil Expat Partner

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