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Perfect Cuppa English®: Personalised everyday English courses for individuals & business clients, at your home or office

Personalised Everyday English courses for individuals 

Speak English more confidently by understanding British English, the real meaning behind words & the natural ways to express yourself. We focus on your language goals through practical, real & contemporary English.

This makes it easier for you to communicate, meet & connect with people of all nationalities, so ultimately you can start to feel settled & at home in London.

We offer personalised private English courses for individuals & business clients, at your home or office, so you can make faster progress.

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  • Personalised private English courses
  • Real British English language for everyday
  • Speak English more confidently
  • Understand what British people really mean

Perfect Cuppa English® Everyday English Courses

Reviews & Testimonials

My lessons with Victoria completed all my wishes. I could speak with her everyday English language –  useful for my life in England -, revise grammar points, develop my vocabulary range… and learn about some funny and interesting cultural points! 

She answered all my questions always with kindness; she recommended some books to me to improve my reading. She was always committed to answer my needs. It was always a pleasure for me to go to my English class with her.

Marie-Astrid, France, Everyday English course


I think Victoria is a very kind and keen English teacher. From the first lesson, she understood my English level and suggested how to improve it, which was a great help. She made me feel relaxed at every lesson so I could speak at my own pace and I didn’t feel any pressure at all. She supported me with a lot with things to do with the children as she is a mother as well. I would like to recommend Victoria to someone who wants to improve their English!

Miya, Japan, Everyday English course


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