Power Hours & English Subscription

Victoria Rennoldson of Perfect Cuppa English working with a client

Power Hours & English Subscription

If you are an international professional operating in English at an advanced level already, you may not need an English course. 

However, you still want to go further & get to the next level of English communication for your performance, self-development & career growth.

You might have tried to boost your English through self-study or a traditional English course, but the learning approaches can be unfocused, dull, inflexible or impersonal.

Not everybody who comes to me needs, or has the time, for a course.

You might not need a course, but there is another way to upskill your English to take it to the next level to support your English communication effectiveness in your current role & for your professional development. 


If you want to boost your English communication confidence in a new, flexible learning model, then my Power Hours or English Subscription are for you.

Book your individual hours or an ongoing subscription to receive English support on tap when you need it in 1-hr sessions with me.


Let’s work on your specific challenge & business situations, and you will receive clear, comprehensive feedback on how to improve your English communication.  You set the agenda & tell me what you want to work on. For example, I can support you to:

  • Present persuasively & influence with impact in English
  • Communicate your key messages effectively in English, in meetings & emails
  • Speak English confidently, clearly & naturally 
  • Structure your opinions articulately
  • Write professional English emails that make a great impression 
  • Structure your reports concisely

Feel ready to deliver in professional English to your best ability.


I offer English coaching for individual clients, via your preferred online platform. 

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to start boosting your English communication confidence in power hours or subscriptions.

Work with me: Book your power hourWork with me: Book your initial consultation for subscription optionsWant my free resources, learning strategies & tips?
  • English support on tap when you need it
  • Work on your specific English communication challenges
  • Clear, comprehensive feedback
  • Feel ready to deliver in English professionally
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