Turn your English motivation into reality

Turn your English motivation into reality

Ditch New Year's resolutions day

This Sunday 17th January is officially ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’. Apparently, it’s the day when most people run out of energy to focus on their new diet/ exercise regime/ daily habit focus & just give up.

So how are you getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you still feeling motivated & powered up to reach your 2021 goals, or is your determination starting to lessen as you go through January?

I know many of you follow me because you’re interested in boosting your English communication skills for your professional delivery & impact.

Even if your motivation is still currently 8 – 10 out of 10, do you know what communication level you’re starting from & which areas to focus on to reach your goal?

Professional feedback is vital for personal development, especially if we want to understand the steps we need to take along the path towards our goals. We receive it from line managers, via 360-degree feedback from our team, whether in formal annual appraisals or informally during the year.

But the problem is when it comes to English communication skills, it’s often difficult to get that feedback. Especially if you’re working with British people, as they often won’t tell you that you’re saying something which doesn’t sound exactly right in English, or where you’re making mistakes.

Even if you ask specifically for somebody to correct your English, or tell you how to say something naturally, the common response from a British person is, “Oh, you’re fine, you speak English really well already, I wouldn’t worry about it.”

It says quite a lot about British people, which is they don’t want to offend or upset the other person, and it would be considered rude to criticise your English.

But that’s frustrating if you are really serious about improving your English communication skills, so you can sound more professional, avoid mistakes, express yourself naturally using the correct idioms & phrases, and generally sound more confident.

You could try to find ways to boost your English communication skills by googling & scrolling for ideas on social media, searching through youtube videos, or even trying to land on the ‘perfect’ TV programme, podcast, article etc. to learn & improve.

But the problem is that can be quite a random & passive process, which wastes your time & may not give you the results you’re looking for. Your time is precious & you need to be efficient to maximise your progress towards your goal to improve your English.

You would benefit from detailed, precise feedback on your English skills with recommended practical actions for you to implement straight away. So you have a path to follow towards your goal.

I have just launched my new Perfect Cuppa English Communication Evaluations, so you know where you’re starting from by getting an accurate read of your current level of English communication skills, when you meet me for a 1-hr online evaluation.


From this session you will receive clear & comprehensive written feedback about the specific linguistic areas you’re frustrated about, whether that’s speaking confidence, range of vocabulary, pronunciation, writing or grammar, in a written appraisal with practical recommendations.

Through the appraisal you will learn where to focus to make the difference in your English communication skills that will impact positively your professional delivery. 

Are you somebody who wants to receive feedback on how to improve in one of these areas below?

  • English speaking confidence in meetings
  • Presentation English
  • Pronunciation & accent
  • Range of Business English vocabulary
  • Writing professional emails & reports
  • Accurate grammar usage

Don’t ditch your New Year’s Resolutions this Sunday 17th January!

If you’re determined to stay focused on your New Year’s Goal of improving your English Communication skills, then let’s turn your motivation into reality.

Click here to find out more & book your English Communication Evaluation.

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Victoria Rennoldson, Founder of Perfect Cuppa English


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