English Communication Self-Access Learning

Choose to boost your English communication skills through self-study access & learn flexibly in your own time, at your own pace.


These video e-courses & module workbooks are a great way to focus on the specific skills you need to communicate naturally, confidently & build great connections with your English-speaking contacts & teams. Perfect if you are relocating to the UK or working with international teams.


In the video e-courses Victoria Rennoldson will virtually walk you through the masterclass, or alternatively work through the module workbook independently.


Available in these key business critical communication situations:

  • English Meeting Communication
  • Presentation English
  • Professional English Emails



Masterclass E-courses include: 

  • Presentation & video recording of the masterclass for you to access & watch in your own time
  • Practical exercises that you can use immediately afterwards
  • Receive the bonus workbook of extra exercises
  • Opportunity to email your questions to Victoria 

The fee for e-courses is £67 per masterclass. Book your e-course here:


English Meeting Communication Masterclass E-Course

Presentation English Masterclass E-course

Professional English Emails Masterclass E-Course



Module workbooks include:

  • 18-page workbook
  • Practical exercises with answer key
  • Insights & exercises to implement your learning immediately 
  • Opportunity to email your questions to Victoria Rennoldson 

The fee for module workbooks is £27 per module. Book your module here:


English Meeting Communication Module


Professional English Emails Module


Presentation English Module

  • Masterclass self-access e-courses
  • Module workbooks 
  • English Meeting Communication
  • Presentation English
  • Professional English Emails
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