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Professional Email English

You want to write professional emails in English that make a great impression & communicate clearly in writing. It is important that you know how to flex formality & style for the reader, so that you can write English emails more speedily, fluidly & with less stress.

We work on improving your English email writing by exploring the best approaches & language structures to open & close your emails, email etiquette, how to communicate your tone of voice effectively,  pitching formality at the right level & common mistakes to avoid.

I offer English coaching for individual clients & corporate teams, via your preferred online platform.

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to start boosting your professional English emails. 

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  • Write professional English emails that make a great impression 
  • Communicate clearly in writing
  • Know how to flex formality & style
  • English email etiquette
  • Avoid common mistakes


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