CV English & Interview English

CV English & Interview English

You already operate in English for work, but now you are ready for your next job role, promotion or career move, and you want to boost your English communication confidence so you can communicate at a higher level to match your seniority.

You are preparing for job applications, so you want to write your CV clearly, accurately & professionally in English to share impactfully your experiences & make a great first impression. 

In interviews, you want to express yourself confidently, naturally & articulately so you can really show your full capabilities, talent & potential, and so you can achieve your dream role. 

We work on improving your English CV by reviewing your initial draft & providing feedback on language, communication style, layout & securing grammar essentials. 

For English interviews, we run simulations & you will receive detailed feedback so you can learn key techniques & best approaches to answering challenging questions in English, and avoid common mistakes.   

You will have everything you need to feel prepared & confident in your English communication for this career-critical situation, and ready to successfully start your new role. 

I offer English coaching for individual clients, via your preferred online platform.

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to be ready for your next promotion, job role & career move with CV English & Interview English. 

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  • Write your CV clearly, accurately & professionally in English
  • Share impactfully your capabilities, experiences & make a great first impression
  • Express yourself confidently, naturally & articulately in interviews
  • CVs: language, communication style, layout & grammar essentials
  • Interviews: key techniques & best approaches to answering challenging questions
  • Avoid common mistakes  

Client Reviews

Thanks to Victoria I was able to arrive confident for my job interview. Precious help in terms of specific vocabulary, correction of pronunciation, and preparation for the interview!

Lucie, France

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