Business English Coaching

Perfect Cuppa English®: Personalised English coaching in general Business English or specific skills, e.g. English for Marketing, Presentations or Meetings

Personalised English coaching in Business English 

If you are an international professional who is serious about & committed to improving your English communication skills for their career development, you want an individual, personalised coaching approach that is going to make the impact to your communication confidence & be sustainable long-term.

My experience can support you in learning about the language & cultural elements of English communication, and help you boost your English communication to make the difference to your performance, self-development & career.

Our practical English coaching sessions will develop your English communication confidence & agility by focusing on the business-critical situations, meetings, presentations & professional writing. This means you are able to engage with your international team, whether you are based in an English-speaking country or working virtually together, making you more effective.

I offer English coaching for individual clients & corporate teams, via your preferred online platform.

Choose from general Business English or focus on English for business-critical situations:

Book your initial consultation with me to learn more about how I can support you to start boosting your English communication confidence. 

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  • Individual Business English coaching
  • English communication confidence to boost your performance & career
  • Practical English learning for business-critical situations

Perfect Cuppa English® Business English Coaching

Client Reviews

I wanted to not only communicate confidently in English, but also but also to better understand British culture, and develop more effective professional interactions & connections. Victoria really understood my specific goals, and created a personalised programme to meet my needs through dynamic sessions.

Tatiana, Brazil

I enjoyed my English coaching programme with Victoria. She helped me feel more comfortable to speak up in meetings/presentations, share confidently my ideas and better understand British culture. She is very professional and adapted very quickly to new queries.

Iva, Albania

Victoria really understood my specific English communication challenges and had very useful advice and recommendations for improvement. She gets the nuances immediately and how culture influences language. I can’t recommend her enough.

Grace, Malaysia 

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