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Perfect Cuppa English®: Personalised English coaching in general Business English or specific skills, e.g. English for Marketing, Presentations or Meetings

Personalised English coaching in Business English 

The reality of English spoken in the everyday Business world may be very different from the English you have learnt previously & sometimes hard to understand. For example, the business phrases used & what people really mean behind the words that they are saying. Depending on the sector & situation, the British can sometimes be quite indirect in their communication style!

Our experience can support you in learning about these language & cultural elements, and help you communicate naturally in British English. Our practical English coaching meetings will help you feel more confident & able to engage with colleagues, customers or suppliers, making you more effective.

We offer personalised English coaching in private training meetings online via your preferred platform. Choose from general Business English or specific skills, e.g. English for Online Meetings, Email or Presentations.

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  • Personalised English coaching: General Business or specific skill
  • Communicate naturally & confidently in Business English
  • Practical English learning in real-life situations
  • Be more effective in business relationships 

Perfect Cuppa English® Business English Coaching

Reviews & Testimonials

Since I started sessions a few months ago, Marion has completely exceeded all my expectations: she perfectly works on my particular weaknesses and on top of it, she spends a lot of her personal time to write relevant material for me. I am very impressed and grateful for her commitment and friendship. I highly recommend Marion to any one and especially to advanced students.

Carole, France, Business English course

I recently became a client of Perfect Cuppa English, working with Kate, as I felt it imperative to understand British Culture in more detail in order to serve my clients in effective and suitable ways that just speaking the language cannot provide. I would very much like to recommend Perfect Cuppa English, as I have felt very much listened to, supported, and provided with exactly what I needed.

Constantina, Greece, Business Culture course

Michael from Perfect Cuppa English is really helpful for me, we are not only studying English but also English culture and communication. That helps me feel more confident into my project and also with my interaction with English people on a daily basis. Michael also gave me advice and help me to rehearse some of my key presentations which allow me to be more efficient in terms of communication and language. I really appreciate the mix of theoretical and pragmatic approach.

Jeremy, France, Business English course 

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