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Perfect Cuppa English British Culture training

Get an insight into British culture & life, and understand British people better with a choice of small team workshops, or discussion courses. 

The aim is to build your cross-cultural insight, making it easier for you to develop more effective daily interactions, feel more connected to British people & build more meaningful relationships, whether for everyday or business situations. 

Our British Culture team workshops are created bespoke for your business needs & can be delivered at your workplace for a few hours, a half or full day. Great for new team members who have recently relocated to the UK, or if your team are increasingly working with British clients, suppliers or teams.

Our British Culture discussion courses are ideal to gain a deeper insight into everyday life in the UK on the cultural topics & current affairs you are most interested in, whether it’s attitudes & values, history & geography, current news or British customs. This is suited to individuals who want a bespoke course, meeting regularly online via your preferred platform.

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Reviews & testimonials

As a Dutch company, we have been working in the UK for many years already. However, we felt our team needed a better understanding of the British culture to make sure we are on top of our game in helping our British clients. That is why we reached out to Perfect Cuppa. Victoria is a very dedicated and knowledgeable teacher. During the course, she has really helped our Dutch team to look differently towards British culture and language. Victoria has provided us with the right tools to bridge the culture gap to improve the way we do business in the UK.

Sjors, British Cultural Team Training, Netherlands


I recently became a client of Perfect Cuppa English, working with Kate, as I felt it imperative to understand British Culture in more detail in order to serve my clients in effective and suitable ways that just speaking the language cannot provide. I would very much like to recommend Perfect Cuppa English, as I have felt very much listened to, supported, and provided with exactly what I needed.

Constantina, Greece, Business Culture course

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