Insight into British Culture

Perfect Cuppa English® Insight into British Culture courses

Perfect Cuppa English® Insight into British Culture courses

Get an insight into British culture & life, and understand British people better with this conversation course on current cultural topics: e.g. Brexit, British attitudes & values, British history & geography, and British customs. We also focus on how British people generally behave in certain situations & so the most accepted way of doing things in the UK.

This all builds your inter-cultural insight, making it easier for you to communicate, meet & connect with people of all nationalities while in the UK. Ultimately you can start to feel settled & at home in London, and be more effective in everyday & business situations.

We offer personalised private English conversation courses for individuals, at your home or office. Why not book our initial free consultation to receive your Perfect Cuppa English® needs analysis & full course proposal.

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  • Personalised private English conversation course
  • Current British cultural topics
  • Individual & business clients
  • Understand what British people really mean
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Victoria Rennoldson, Perfect Cuppa English®, Image

Reviews & testimonials

Victoria’s lessons are not just about English language…I have learned so many new things about British culture which was an eye-opener and enabled me to see this country and its people through new eyes. Victoria is such a committed teacher who is always well-prepared for the class, makes me feel at home with lovely smiles, happily and thoroughly answers any question, never forgets to email me after each lesson providing some more information related to the topic of the week.

Akie, Japan, British Culture course

Victoria is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is super organised, her methodology is excellent, and we connected really well since we met for the first time. She has been helping me to understand some important nuances of the British English and culture, the key to improve my overall communication.

Cib, Brazil, English Grammar & Communication course

From your lessons, I learnt not only English but also a lot about UK culture such as history, geography, the political system, the education system, and English manners and customs.

I enjoyed UK life before your lessons like a tourist. Cultural understanding from your lessons made quality of my life in London better and more enjoyable. Now I can understand better what is happening in the UK and what British people are thinking.

Thank you very much for the excellent lessons. You are a reliable teacher full of motivation.

Yukiko, Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course

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