Article & Seminar for FOCUS, the expat community

Article & Seminar for FOCUS, the expat community

Perfect Cuppa English Article for FOCUS

Perfect Cuppa English Article for FOCUS, the expat organisation

Article & Seminar: The British Royal Family & Decoding British English 

In September, I was very pleased to have my article featured about the British Royal Family in the magazine for FOCUS, a community run by expats who support expats moving to the UK. I wrote about how succession works and who can be called a Queen, King or Princess. You can read the full article here, which was published in the autumn edition of the FOCUS​ magazine.…/foc61_septoct_best_of_britain.…

Perfect Cuppa English seminar @ FOCUS, the expat organisation

Great feedback from my Perfect Cuppa English seminar at FOCUS Info UK, Sept 17



In September I also led a seminar for the Focus community at their head office on the topic of Decoding British English, about what British people usually say, what they mean, how to respond. This seminar was incredibly well received and popular, as you can see from the feedback here! In this light-hearted session, I spoke about the way of saying things in British English for common, everyday situations, including meeting people, small talk, the word ‘sorry’ and how to disagree.





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