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Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English

Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English


I’m Victoria, Founder of Perfect Cuppa English®, a boutique English language training business for private clients.

I am a Londoner, born & bred, and am passionate about helping people to understand & communicate naturally in British English, making it easier to meet & connect with people of all nationalities in everyday & business situations.

We really enjoy getting to know you as a client, developing individual, personalised courses for your needs & matching you to one of our select English language trainers, based on experience, common interest areas & personality. All our English language trainers are high-calibre, highly qualified & professional, and we love it when you can see your progress & gain confidence in communicating in English.

Before starting Perfect Cuppa English®, I worked for 12 years in brand marketing for American & British businesses, so I can share my real insights into business culture.  I fully re-trained in teaching Everyday & Business English, then founded Perfect Cuppa English® in 2015.

I realised most people moving to London don’t only need English language, they also want to get to know the British people, culture & ways of doing things. The combination of British English language & culture learning is a unique part of all our courses.

You can expect Perfect Cuppa English® courses to be:

  • Highly Professional
  • Personalised & flexible: adapted to reflect your interests & passions
  • Positive & welcoming learning environment: an enjoyable & grown-up learning experience
  • Committed & confidential: with regular private English meetings for faster progress

And why is it called Perfect Cuppa? It means “The perfect cup of English tea”; the ultimate symbol of British culture, which we drink in a certain way. In the same way, Perfect Cuppa English® helps you communicate naturally in British English, understand the culture & speak more confidently.

Our British culture & English courses are very popular & are highly rated. You can read what our clients think about Perfect Cuppa English® courses here. 

Why not try our initial free consultation to receive your English language assessment, needs analysis & full course proposal. 

Victoria Rennoldson

BA Modern Languages

Cambridge CELTA

Trinity College London Cert IBET

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