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Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English

Victoria Rennoldson, Founder & Director of Perfect Cuppa English


I am Victoria Rennoldson, English communication & British culture coach, and the founder of Perfect Cuppa English. I live in London, the UK, with my family.

My mission is to help international people achieve business English communication & British cultural confidence, either when relocating to the UK, or for successfully working in international teams, wherever you live & work.

If that is what you want, I will help you get there. You can achieve the confidence & agility to communicate naturally & build great connections with your teams, to make the difference to your professional delivery & career development. 

I work with private clients and individuals in corporate teams in personalised coaching programmes. British cultural training can also be delivered as bespoke team workshops.


Why I founded Perfect Cuppa English 

I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve Business English communication & British cultural confidence because I feel your communication skills are critical to your job performance & your career potential.

I know this because before Perfect Cuppa English, I worked for 12 years in healthcare & food brand marketing for American & British businesses in international teams, where I had some real insights into English-speaking business culture.  I founded Perfect Cuppa English in 2015 because I felt there was an English communication & cultural gap in business.

Even though English is a truly international language used globally, I found there are subtle nuances about how people approach communication regionally. These nuances are about communication & culture, as well as language. As somebody who has always been focused on how to use words & communicate well, this insight drove me to set up my business.  

I combine my insights from my real-life business experience with my English communication & British cultural coaching to make the difference to your professional delivery & career development. 

I am an expert speaker & writer on English Communication & British Culture for international networks, including Facebook Expat Partners in London, Shell Relocation & Expatriate Support, FOCUS international community, Londres Accueil French community and Himemama Japanese community.

I am proud to have recently celebrated Perfect Cuppa’s 6th birthday, and have worked with 100s of clients from all over the world who also wanted to achieve English communication & British cultural confidence to boost their performance, self-development & promotion goals. 


What makes my coaching unique

I realise most people working with British colleagues & teams do not only need English language, but also want to understand British people, the culture & ways of doing things. The combination of English language & British culture learning is a unique part of all my coaching programmes.

I want you to have a personalised, bespoke coaching solution. I don’t believe in boring, mass group courses or off-the-shelf identikit training which don’t give you the specific results you need to step-change your English communication skills or British cultural insight. 

Ultimately, I consider myself an English communication coach, not an English teacher. It is an important differentiation because a teacher inputs content & tests their students to a required standard, focusing on right or wrong.

I take a different approach, as my clients have a confidence challenge in their English communication or British cultural skills. 

I support you to develop your English communication & British cultural skills to boost your job performance, self-development & career growth.

I am committed to getting to know you as a client, developing individual, personalised programmes for you or your team’s needs.

I am the head coach & your key contact for all Perfect Cuppa English programmes. When working with corporate clients for English communication coaching, I extend my team, working with a number of highly qualified, experienced & specialist associate trainers in Business English.    

I have a wide range of client testimonials from my English communication & British cultural programmes, who have experienced the positive results to their performance, career growth & promotion opportunities. I am passionate about what my clients think & it means a lot to me that my programmes are highly rated. You can read what my clients think here in their own words. 


Why is it called Perfect Cuppa English? 

Well, a cuppa is a British word for a cup of tea, a real symbol of British culture, which we drink in that certain way (with milk!). So with Perfect Cuppa English I want to support international professionals to really get how British people actually talk & behave, so they can communicate confidently & naturally in English and develop great rapport with their British contacts.

And I love a cuppa of course! So let’s set up a time for a chat about how I can support you. Book your initial online consultation now.


Victoria Rennoldson

BA Modern Languages, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity College London Cert IBET


[email protected]

+44 7779 637 456

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