10 must-know holiday phrases in English

10 must-know holiday phrases in English

As the holiday season is fast approaching, I thought I would share my 10 must-know English holiday & travel phrases for this time of year.

Whether you are travelling to see family and friends, experience a new place or are going on holiday locally, these expressions should come in handy to boost your vocabulary and sound more natural in English:


Expression Meaning In context
A change is as good as a rest A change of location or activity can be as good as just relaxing I’m not going abroad this year, but we are going away to the Cotswolds for a long weekend. Well, a change is as good as a rest.


To get away from it all


To go on holiday and leave your work and usual routine behind


After the various lockdowns this year, I’m really looking forward to getting away from it all.


To have a whale of a time


To have a great time We had a whale of a time with our friends when we met up in Brighton last month.


To have everything on your doorstep


To have everything conveniently close to where you are


I was really pleased with the holiday rental home as we had everything on our doorstep: shops, the beach and great restaurants.
To put your feet up


To relax She is so tired from work that she really needs to put her feet up this holiday and just lie on a sun lounger!


To get off the beaten track


To go somewhere away from the usual touristy places


He doesn’t like to go to the usual tourist hotspots. He much prefers to get off the beaten track and experience the real country he’s visiting.
To sit and watch the world go by


To watch people as they walk past We spend so much of our lives rushing around, that sometimes on holiday it’s just good to go to a café, sit and watch the world go by.


Just what the doctor ordered


Exactly what we felt we needed That holiday was just what the doctor ordered. I really needed to take some time off from work.
To recharge your batteries


To relax and get your energy back (like to charge a mobile phone)


When she was away, she had the opportunity to recharge her batteries and she now feels ready for September.


To be full of beans


To be full of energy When he came back from holiday, he was not only more relaxed, but also full of beans and ready for the next project.



Which one is your favourite? Or what other English phrases do you know connected with holidays and travel?

Email me and let me know, I always love to hear from you!


Best Wishes,




Victoria Rennoldson, Founder of Perfect Cuppa English


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