English Language & British Culture Training

Perfect Cuppa English® helps international professionals, teams & individuals to understand & communicate confidently in English,

making it easier to meet & connect with people in everyday & business situations.

Everyday English

Speak English more confidently by understanding British English, the real meaning behind words & the natural ways to express yourself. We focus on your language goals through practical, real & contemporary English.

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Business English

We can support you in learning about English language & culture in business to help you communicate naturally. Our practical coaching meetings will help you feel more confident & effective.

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British Culture Training

Get an insight into British culture & life, and understand British people better with a choice of small team workshops, or discussion courses. The aim is to develop more effective daily interactions & feel more connected to British people. 

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Perfect Cuppa English®


Working With Clients:
Talan Consulting UK
Garden Connect
French Touch Properties
Delivering British Culture Events to:
FB London
Londres Accueil
Himemama London
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