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Victoria is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is super organised, her methodology is excellent, and we connected really well since we met for the first time. She has been helping me to understand some important nuances of the British English and culture, the key to improve my overall communication.

Cib, Brazil, English Grammar & Communication course


Victoria’s lessons are not just about English language…I have learned so much new things about British culture which was an eye-opener and enabled me to see this country and its people through new eyes. Victoria is such a committed teacher who is always well-prepared for the class, makes me feel at home with lovely smiles, happily and thoroughly answers any question, never forgets to email me after each lesson providing some more information related to the topic of the week.

Akie, Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course


My lessons with Victoria completed all my wishes. I could speak with her everyday English language –  useful for my life in England -, revise grammar points, develop my vocabulary range… and learn about some funny and interesting cultural points! 

She answered all my questions always with kindness; she recommended some books to me to improve my reading. She was always committed to answer my needs. It was always a pleasure for me to go to my English class with her.

Marie-Astrid, France, Everyday English course


We’re back in Peru after living in London for 15 months, and it is a privilege to continue taking our English lessons via Skype with Victoria, learning and improving not only about the language but mainly about its culture, politics, history and keeping in touch with such a great, diverse and loving country and people. We hope we can continue with this incredible experience for ever. Thanks Victoria for being a great teacher and friend.

Mariana & Eduardo (London Business School, Sloan Msc 2015), Peru, Everyday English & British Culture course


I think Victoria is a very kind and keen English teacher. From the first lesson, she understood my English level and suggested how to improve it, which was a great help. She made me feel relaxed at every lesson so I could speak at my own pace and I didn’t feel any pressure at all. She supported me with a lot with things to do with the children as she is a mother as well. I would like to recommend Victoria to someone who wants to improve their English!

Miya, Japan, Everyday English course


After 8 months in London, I decided to take some English lessons via skype with Victoria. I really recommend Victoria as a teacher. She is very efficient, flexible and available for her students. The lessons are good and high quality.

Amelie, France, English Grammar course via Skype


Victoria is the most amazing teacher that I have ever met! She is an energetic teacher and gives me a lot about the UK. With the knowledge that I have gained in her classes, I have become more active and started going for walks around London. Her lessons are always fun, enjoyable and very well-organised.

I am very happy that I met her and highly recommend her to whoever wants to learn English and to know more about the UK.

Y.S., Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course


Thank you for your lessons, Victoria. You are always in a good mood, professional, punctual and cultured. I learn a lot about English culture. We can talk about many different things and on all subjects. And I improve my English of course!

Pascale, France, Everyday English course


Great lessons! Victoria is such a kind and lovely person. She always makes a great effort for me so I can improve my English. She prepares really good materials every time. If I ask her questions, she always gives me more than double the answer. 

Yuri, Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course


Victoria saved my life in London. With her big help, I started to enjoy my days much more positively. She is very attentive and her support is really personalized.

M.G., Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course


From your lessons, I learnt not only English but also a lot about UK culture such as history, geography, the political system, the education system, and English manners and customs.

I enjoyed UK life before your lessons like a tourist. Cultural understanding from your lessons made quality of my life in London better and more enjoyable. Now I can understand better what is happening in the UK and what British people are thinking.

Thank you very much for the excellent lessons. You are a reliable teacher full of motivation.

Yukiko, Japan, Everyday English & British Culture course


I had such interesting discussions with Victoria about digital marketing and British culture. When I asked her a question, she always answered it beyond what I expected. Her email responses were quick and committed, it was so helpful. Her lessons made my London life more meaningful.

Kana, Japan, English Language, Marketing & British Culture course


Victoria san is so informed and knowledgeable that I enjoy talking with her about political, social and cultural topics. She introduces me not only to news topics and English culture but good restaurants, shops and parks. I highly recommend her class!

Daisuke, Japan, Business English & British culture course


Thank you very much for your help, Victoria, you are a nice, patient and professional teacher. I have learnt a lot from the course. You helped me with the right way to learn and pronounce English, and you were always patient to correct any mistakes that I made. Thank you again! I had a great time with you.

Cong Wang, China, English Pronunciation course


I am very sorry to say goodbye to you. I really enjoyed the lessons with you and they were so productive.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your support.

H.T., Japan, Business English course 


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