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English language and culture coaching is perfect for international families living in London to help you speak more confidently, understand English culture better and make the most of life here.

Learning the language is important of course, but so is understanding the English as people, the culture, our ways of doing things and what we really mean when we say things (as we can be quite indirect sometimes!). This makes it all easier to meet people and make friends here.

Examples of English cultural topics I cover include: the English education system, food and drink, history and family life in the UK.

As I have a young family myself, I can also help orientate you locally and around London, plus share information about family and children’s activities. 

I develop personalised English language and culture coaching programmes for individuals or small groups, which can take place at your home or work.  Sessions can be flexible, fitting around your schedule during the day or evening. I have taught English language across all levels with 14 different nationalities including European, South American and Asian clients.

And why is it called Perfect Cuppa? It means “The perfect cup of English tea”; the ultimate symbol of our culture, which the English drink in a certain way. In the same way, Perfect Cuppa English® helps you understand the culture so you can really enjoy your time here in London.


Reviews & Testimonials

Back in Peru after living in London for 15 months, it is a privilege to continue taking our English lessons with Victoria, learning and improving not only about the language but mainly about its culture, politics, history and keeping in touch with such a great, diverse and loving country and people. We hope we can continue with this incredible experience for ever. Thanks Victoria for being a great teacher and friend.

Mariana and Eduardo, Peru, General English & British Culture course

From your lessons, I learnt not only English but also a lot about UK culture such as history, geography, the political system, the education system, and English manners and customs.

I enjoyed UK life before your lessons like a tourist. Cultural understanding from your lessons made quality of my life in London better and more enjoyable. Now I can understand better what is happening in the UK and what British people are thinking.

Thank you very much for the excellent lessons. You are a reliable teacher full of motivation.

Yukiko, Japan, General English & British Culture course

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