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The reality of English spoken in the everyday Business world may be very different from the English you have learnt in lessons previously, and sometimes hard to understand. For example, the business phrases used, knowing the right level of formality and the subtle nature of body language in this environment.

My 12 years of business experience can support you in understanding these language and cultural elements. Our practical sessions will help you feel more confident and able to engage with colleagues, customers or suppliers in formal and informal scenarios; for example, interviewing, meetings and small talk.

I develop Business English programmes for individuals, which can take place at your home or discreetly at your workplace.  I understand that work schedules can be demanding so sessions are flexible, fitting around your other commitments. For example, I can offer coaching during your lunch break or after work.


Reviews & Testimonials

Victoria san is so informed and knowledgeable that I enjoy talking with her about political, social and cultural topics. She introduces me not only to news topics and English culture but good restaurants, shops and parks. I highly recommend her class!

Daisuke, Japan, Business English & British culture course

I am very sorry to say goodbye to you. I really enjoyed the lessons with you and they were so productive.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your support.

H.T., Japan, Business English course 

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  • Practical learning in real-life situations
  • Business and sector specific language
  • Understanding formality
  • Body and non-verbal language in business culture

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Written English Review

Need somebody to review your presentation or business report? Maybe you are studying and want to check the language in your assignment?

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