About Perfect Cuppa English®

Hello, I’m Victoria from Perfect Cuppa English®.

I was born and have lived almost all my life in London, so I can offer you a real English experience.

I really enjoy getting to know you as a client and developing individual programmes with what you need, finding the ideas to make each session personal, fun and practical. I love it when we both can see your progress and greater confidence in English, or you finally feel more at home here because you have a better understanding of the area.

Previous to teaching, I worked for 12 years in marketing in large American and British businesses such as Heinz, General Mills and Boots, so I can share my real insights into business culture. After children, I re-trained and started teaching English.

However, I realised most people moving to London don’t only need English language, they also want to understand the English as people, our culture and our ways of doing things. Another important need is orientation and support to work out how to get things done when moving to London. This city can be so much fun for families, but it can also be terribly lonely and hard to meet friends. Equally relevant for English speakers, as much as English learners.

Perfect Cuppa English® brings together my love of language with teaching and coaching; core skills I  learnt during my career as a team manager and mentor. I am a fully qualified teacher in both English language and Business English.

And why is it called Perfect Cuppa? It means “The perfect cup of English tea”; the ultimate symbol of our culture, which the English drink in a certain way. In the same way, Perfect Cuppa English helps you understand the culture, speak more confidently and get the most out of your time here in London.

I really hope you’re curious to find out more and discover why my clients have described me as energetic, enthusiastic and patient. Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to meeting you soon. 


Victoria Rennoldson[br] BA Modern Languages[br] Cambridge CELTA[br] Trinity College London Cert IBET[br]

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